Prawn Frozen on Board
Prawn Frozen on Board
Gambon Congelado a Bordo
Prawn Frozen on Board
Prawn Frozen on Board
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      Warm prawn salad with cheese



Cut the potatoes and boil them in plenty of hot water with salt for 15 minutes. Then drain them.

Shell the prawns and stir them in a wok, or frying pan, until they are no longer raw. Add the potatoes, chopped garlic clove and chopped parsley, and set aside.

Place in a bowl and add the cheese. Stir and add the chopped lettuce and yoghurt.
Mix and dress with salt (a little) and extra virgin olive oil.


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Recetas Ensalada de Gambon Argentino Congelado a Bordo

INGREDIENTS (for 2 people)

              2 large potatoes
              2 dozen red prawns
              2 cloves of garlic
              Sprigs of parsley
              125 g cabrales cheese (or another creamy che.)
              Two Greek-style yoghurts
              Some lettuce leaves
              Extra virgin olive oil and salt
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