Prawn Frozen on Board
Prawn Frozen on Board
Gambon Congelado a Bordo
Prawn Frozen on Board
Prawn Frozen on Board
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      Baked Argentine prawn



Baked prawns are easy and quick to make as a starter or a main dish.
  - First you prepare a vinaigrette to marinade them and then bake them in the oven.
  - Finally, reduce the sauce from the bottom of the dish with a bit of cognac.

For the vinaigrette, add the juice of one lemon and three times the amount of olive oil in the blender recipient.
  - Also add a few drops of Tabasco and 3 cloves of garlic (peeled).
  - Blend until everything is finely chopped and set aside.

Place the prawns on a baking dish, salt them and then sprinkle the vinaigrette on them.
  - Mix and spread all of the crustaceans.
  - With the oven pre-heated, bake for approximately 12 minutes at a temperature of 130ēC.

Add a shot of cognac to a frying pan and flambé it.
  - Wait until the fire consumes the alcohol. Remove the prawns from the oven when they are done, add the sauce from the bottom of the baking dish to the frying pan with cognac and reduce at high heat, moving constantly.

Present the prawns with washed and finely chopped parsley and the reduction sauce.

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Recetas Gambon Argentino Congelado a Bordo

INGREDIENTS (for 4 people)

              2 kg of Prawns
              Olive Oil
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