Prawn Frozen on Board
Prawn Frozen on Board
Gambon Congelado a Bordo
Prawn Frozen on Board
Prawn Frozen on Board
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The following are some of the news related to the activity of Galaustral:

              Galaustral will be attending IFE 2017

              Galaustral attended Conxemar 2016

              Galaustral attended Conxemar 2015

              Galaustral attended Conxemar 2014

              Galaustral attended Conxemar 2013

              Galaustral attended Frozen Food Asia 2012

              Galaustral attended European Seafood 2012

              Galaustral attended Conxemar 2011

              Properties of the frozen Argentine prawn

              Properties of the prawn frozen on board

Noticias sobre el Gambon Argentno Congelado a Bordo

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